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Monday, June 17, 2013

Leaving on a jet plane

In just a few days we are going to Greece for a week of sun and swimming. The girls are very excited - especially Sofia who has never flown before.

Isabel was not yet 2 years when she flew last time (when we celebrated my Dad's 60th birthday in Prague) and she has only faint memories of it from what she has told me.

I'm not a confident flyer. I kind of hate it but if it gets me to Greece I will bear it. I just hope there won't be too much turbulence as I will be sitting alone with both girls in row 10 while Rickard got a seat by the emergency exits in row 15. I was hoping to sit in the aisle seat but both girls expressed a wish to sit next to me at take off at least so I will have to squeeze into the middle seat.
I hope to find some kind of sewing project to bring, and I need to pack some pens and activity books for the girls. Isabel will be happy with her iPod if she can just listen to Harry Potter - but she will need a book as well. Maybe I can bring the chapter book we are reading. That should entertain more than us though :/

I've been to Greece before. I travelled to Rhodes with my parents in '88, Cyprus in '89, to Crete with a girlfriend in '91, then with Rickard to Corfu in '98, Santorini in '00 (Honeymoon!), Tenerife and Crete in '02, Rhodes in '03 and finally Crete again in '05 when Isabel was just over a year old. We haven't been since.

We took a flat near Rethimno but booked with breakfast included. This time we'll not have that but arrange our meals on our own. When Rickard and I travelled in Greece before we had kids we always did that. Breakfast on the balcony with fresh, warm Greek bread and yoghurt.

We rented a car and visited Elafonissi - The Maldives of Europe. We plan to do the same this time and I hope Isabel will like bathing there better than she did last time.

She got so tired in the car driving back from Elafonissi.

We went fairly late in the season (first week in September) which is why we could get away with a cardigan on her in the evening. It will be very interesting to see how she (and Sofia) deals with the heat. We had a few days of nice weather last week and she was very bothered by it.
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