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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Cherry currant cordial

Tonight I made cordial using black currants and black cherries my FIL gave us 2 years ago.

They've been sitting in the freezer taking up space since then and now they had to be used or be thrown out.

I just did a basic "boil berries with water-strain- bring to the boil and add sugar"-cordial. Only this time I boiled the mash one extra time to really get every last bit of juice out.

I'll have to check the cordial tomorrow because currants are a great pectin agent and can easily make the cordial jell as it cools. Plus I boiled the cherries with the pits which also adds in the pectin.

From the left over mashed berries I made a sort of jam-mush. I pressed the berries through a sieve, removing the pits as I found them.
It was boring work so I didn't do it for very long. I got enough mush to put in a 10 oz jar.
To sweeten it I brought some water to the boil and added double the amount of sugar and let it all boil for a minute or two then let it cool slightly before I added a few tablespoons to the mush.

The mush won't last that long unless you freeze it so we'll use it on the oatmeal or yogurt for breakfast over the next few days.
It tasted divine on piece of toast tonight and I'm sure it would be great to fill a cake with.
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