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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

[FO] Tote bag with asian accents

[FO] Tote bag with asian accents
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I wanted a pretty tote bag to hold a sketch pad, some pens and other miscellaneous stuff.

I found the asian inspired fabric at a Quilter's store near my office and got a fat quarter of it.
The striped fabric is a cotton/polyester blend I bought to make a nappy bag that I never got around to actually do.

The dimensions of the bag are 35 by 27 cm.

I didn't have enough of the accent fabric to line the bag with so I used this instead:

[FO] Tote bag with asian accents

It's a cotton fabric with little kimono girls. It's a slight clash of cultures I guess (Japan/China) but I think it worked.

I lined the handles with a scrap of the outer accent fabric.

I should have attached the handles earlier so the thread wouldn't show on the outside but I forgot. This will have to do for now.
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